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BEIRG is an independent and non-profitmaking association, working for the benefit of all those who use radio spectrum. In the entertainment industry alone the PMSE (Programme Making & Special Events) sector employs in excess of 150,000 people producing content, on a daily basis that is then viewed or listened to by the entire population of the UK. Content produced by the UK entertainment industry is then sold on to be used around the world.

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WHAT is BEIRG trying to achieve?

OFCOM is selling off the radio frequencies which are currently used by the entertainment industry.

BEIRG’s key objective is to maintain access to a sufficient quantity and quality of radio frequencies to ensure the continued production of material currently used and respected worldwide. The entertainment industry contributes almost £15 billion annually to UK PLC, and rising! This figure increases dramatically when you include worldwide sales of content produced in the UK.

WHERE are wireless systems normally be used and what events would be affected?

Live concerts, theatre, TV shows (most presenters use wireless microphones), major sporting events (The Open, F1, The Premiership, Rugby League), are just a few of the high profile areas that use wireless systems.

WHY must you support BEIRG?

If you use radiomics, In Ear Monitoring, talkback or video RF links, or any other wireless products, then what is being proposed with regard to radio frequencies you use every day will affect you, your clients, their customers and ultimately the audiences and viewing public we all serve. Many more people from other industries will also be affected. New technologies, including digital radio mics etc, are not going to solve the problem of lack of frequencies.

BEIRG has been successful in achieving compensation for the people in the industry affected by the spectrum clearances in the 800MHz and 700MHz bands, but there is still more to do and still areas of spectrum, especially in the 600MHz band that will impact our industry.

What can I do to help?

JOIN BEIRG NOW! Contact Anna Wolffe anna.wolffe@ranelaghuk.com