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Apart from the cost of hosting this website (less than £200 per year), all other monies that BEIRG receives, is spent directly on campaigning and political lobbying. We pay no staff or other costs, and all members of the BEIRG Steering Group are totally funded by their respective companies or by themselves personally.


As an organisation, our success is unparalleled, having overseen well over £50 million go back into the industry in direct funding for PMSE users, who would otherwise have had to bear the cost of swapping out with new wireless systems from their own funds, which in many cases would have been financially unviable, potentially resulting in company closures. 

For over 15 years we have consistently managed to scrape the money together to keep this work going, but of course the last couple of years has taken a severe toll on many in our industry. So a donation(s) from supporters could be invaluable in order to keep us doing this valuable work, and ensure that PMSE users have enough quantity and quality of clean, useable spectrum required by the creative industries.

Thank You.

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