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BEIRG, still going strong after 19 years

Since BEIRG was formed in 2004, there has been an ongoing amount of work done every year to ensure that the creative industries that utilise PMSE (Programme Making & Special Events) technologies to produce world class content, has access to enough quantity and quality of spectrum.


Although we have achieved a lot over this time, there are constant challenges that need to be met. So here we are in 2023, and the fight continues. Show your support and subscribe to future newsletters here.


You can read all of our past consultation responses here.

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  • BEIRG launches new website

  • New steering group members added

  • Consultation responses

Music Concert


  • Ofcom publishes response to 700MHz compensation

  • BEIRG briefs MPs from most major parties supporting compensation campaign

  • BEIRG successful in gaining improvements to proposed funding scheme

  • Consultation responses



  • BEIRG urges caution regarding Ofcom's decision to green light use of WSD (White Space Devices) in same spectrum used by PMSE

  • Consultation responses

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  • BEIRG starts discussions with Ofcom on proposals for the clearance 700MHz for mobile broadband

  • Consultation responses

Stadium Concert


  • BEIRG launches group on social media platform LinkedIn

  • Consultation responses

Microphone Close-Up


  • BEIRG Steering Group formed

  • Ranelagh International appointed to handle Political PR

  • House of Commons presentation with Sir George Martin

  • Early Day Motion (EDR) signed by over 200 MPs

  • Consultation responses

The Stage


  • COVID epidemic ravages the PMSE community bringing business in the Live and Events sector to a grinding halt

  • BEIRG continues to engage with Ofcom, Government and stakeholders on 700MHz clearance

  • Consultation responses

Concert crowd at live music festival


  • Ofcom consultation on funding for 700MHz clearance

  • BEIRG consults PMSE industry on response

  • Consultation responses

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  • BEIRG outlines key concerns and potential solutions in response to Ofcom announcement that 700MHz band to be cleared for mobile broadband

  • Consultation responses

On Air Sign


  • BEIRG presents 'Spectrum Update' at PLASA Show

  • BEIRG challenges plans to sell surrendered 800MHz equipment back into the market

  • Consultation responses

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  • BEIRG convinces Ofcom to publish 'White Spaces' maps

  • BEIRG 'Impact Assessment' on future spectrum availability for PMSE published

  • BEIRG launches Save Our Sound UK campaign with over 20 industry associations and organisations

  • Consultations responses

Cheering Concert Crowd


  • BEIRG starts lobbying campaign

  • Meeting in London at Orbital offices with key stakeholders

  • BEIRG organise to respond to Ofcom consultation

  • Consultation responses

Before the Gig


  • BEIRG advises companies and individuals regarding 700MHz clearance funding

  • Consultation responses

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  • BEIRG urges PMSE users to respond regarding funding compensation for equipment that operates between 694 - 790MHz

  • Ofcom confirms 700MHz clearance plans

  • Consultation responses

DJ on the Set


  • BEIRG honoured at Pro Sound Awards in London with 'Grand Prix' prize for its spectrum work on behalf of the PMSE community

  • Consultation responses



  • Landmark BEIRG meeting with Peter Luff MP, Ed Richards (Ofcom) and Philip Rutnam (Ofcom) to directly discuss ongoing PMSE issues

  • Consultation responses

Guitarist on Stage


  • BEIRG unites industry behind the PMSE Pro User Group banner

  • Successful lobbying convinces Ofcom to rethink proposals for PMSE future spectrum access

  • Consultation responses

beirg button 3.png


  • BEIRG formed in London

  • Ofcom publishes 'Spectrum Framework Review' (SFR)

2004 - BEIRG formed in London


In 2004, at offices in Kendall Avenue, Acton, London, a group of companies and individuals came together to 

discuss upcoming plans by Ofcom that would have a major impact on the PMSE (Programme Making & Special Events) community.


On the 23rd November 2004, Ofcom would publish their 'Spectrum Framework Review' (SFR), a document that would lay out plans for future spectrum access, that would have an incredible impact on the entire PMSE community,

and yet the document never even contained any mention of PMSE whatsoever.


So on the 3rd November 2004, with an organisation name devised by freelance sound engineer and sound recordist John Turnock, BEIRG was born and it was agreed that it would seek to advise Ofcom with future consultations on PMSE spectrum requirements.

The rest as they say, is history.


The Steering Group would like to say a huge thank you to those that were present that day, for the amazing work they did in bringing

BEIRG to life, and for laying the foundations for what has followed. 

Audio Ltd - Kishore Patel

Autograph Sound Recording - Duncan Bell

BBC - Richard Kemp

Better Sound - Brian Clarke

Handheld Audio - Nick Bruce-Smith

Richmond Films - Nigel Woodford

Sennheiser UK - Dave Hawker

Shure Distribution - Alan March

Terry Tew Sound & Light - Terry Tew

Freelance sound engineer & sound recordist - John Turnock

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