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The British Entertainment Industry Radio Group (BEIRG) is an independent, not-for-profit organisation that works for the benefit of all those who produce, distribute and ultimately consume content made using radio spectrum in the UK. Venues and productions that depend on radio spectrum include TV, film, sport, theatre, churches, schools, live music, newsgathering, political and corporate events, and many others. BEIRG campaigns for the maintenance of ‘Programme Making and Special Events’ (PMSE) access to sufficient quantity of interference-free spectrum for use by wireless production tools such as wireless microphones and wireless in-ear monitor (IEM) systems. 


 As well as being vital in producing live content, wireless audio PMSE technologies play a key role in helping to improve security and safety levels within the entertainment industry and other sectors. Their benefits include improving the management of electrical safety, the reduction of noise levels, the development of safety in communications, and reducing trip hazards, as well as providing an essential tool for the security orientated services. Wireless equipment and the spectrum it operates in are now crucial to the British entertainment industry.


BEIRG was originally founded in 2004, with the Steering Group being formed in 2006 in order to add more focus to the group's efforts to lobby for action on the unintended consequences of the DDR (Digital Dividend Review).

Some of the places where PMSE wireless technology is used

Music Venues



Film Production

Arena Shows

Sporting Events

TV Production

News Gathering


Location Recording

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